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Tips on How to Cleanup Water Damage and Prevent Mould After a Flood

After flood damage, it is important to begin the water damage restoration and drying process within 48 hours. After flood damage, anything that can not be cleaned or restored should be itemized for your insurance company and disposed immediately.

Fire damage restoration in Toronto, ON from balcony fire.
Flood Damage Cleanup in Toronto, ON

These tips will help you start the cleanup effort and help prevent mould after a flood.

The only way to prevent mould from growing is to dry the affected area as quickly as possible. To do this, take these steps:

  1. Open your windows if the air outside is dryer/less humid than inside.

  2. Remove all water damaged debris and wet items. Clean exposed surfaces with disinfectants or sanitizers.

  3. Get rid of any soaked porous or absorbent material that you can (wet carpet, underlayment, wet wood flooring, wet drywall and wet insulation, among other things).

  4. If you can’t get rid of saturated carpeting right away, remove water from it with a carpet extractor or wet/dry vacuum. If you need emergency water removal contact a water damage restoration company in Toronto, ON

  5. Use fans to circulate air into the space and speed evaporation.

  6. Use dehumidifiers to reduce the moisture content of the air and to dry building materials. A household dehumidifier may be enough for smaller water damage, but large spaces and moisture-saturated areas may require a commercial dehumidifier. If you would like to rent a commercial dehumidifier, please contact us.

How long does it take for mould to grow after a flood?

The microorganisms or "spores" that turn into mould colonies are always in the air around us, so mould growth will start quickly - within 24 to 48 hours of water damage. Mould damage will continue to grow as long as the moisture and humidity levels is high. Furniture, carpet, drywall, mattresses, and insulation among other things - everything that has been exposed to storm water and cannot be dried should be thrown away or discarded.

How long should I run a dehumidifier after a flood?

If possible, run a dehumidifier until porous surfaces in the space have dried out completely. It can take anywhere from two days to several weeks to dry out a commercial flood damaged building. Materials like wet drywall and insulation can take a long time to dry, so it may be better to replace them entirely (especially if they are contaminated). Until everything is dry, mould can continue to damage the building.

Call the Water Damage Restoration Experts in Toronto, ON

If you need emergency flood damage cleanup in the Greater Toronto Area, contact the flood cleanup and water damage experts at SELECT Restoration Services.⁣ Remember that even small sewer backup or basement flooding can result in mould damage and dangerous electrical hazards. Make us your FIRST CALL for water damage restoration in the Greater Toronto Area.

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