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We understand that dealing with fire and smoke damage can be very emotional. We help you overcome your loss by explaining the cleaning and restoration process.

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We recognize the emotional and physical impacts fire damage has on property owners, and we work with determination and compassion to mitigate secondary damages and salvage your personal property. As an IICRC trained and certified smoke and fire damage restoration company, we can often minimize replacement costs by cleaning and restoring your property to pre-fire condition.

What is Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire and smoke damage restoration is a process that begins as soon as a professional engineer or building inspector says the damaged property is safe to enter. Believe it or not, in some cases the steps taken by the fire department to extinguish the fire can cause extensive water damage to buildings and personal property.

While fighting the fire, the fire department may have broken windows and cut holes in the roof. This slows down the growth of flames and releases dark smoke that can make it difficult for firefighters to see. The firefighters may also cut holes in walls to make sure that the fire is completely extinguished and there is no risk of any smouldering "hot spots" hidden in the walls. 

Fire Damage Restoration Services

  • Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair

  • Soot Cleaning and Sanitation

  • Wall and Ceiling Cleaning

  • Fire and Smoke Odour Removal

  • Contents Cleaning, Packing and Storage

  • Contents Total Loss Reports

  • Soda/Dry Ice Blasting and Smoke Seal

  • Temporary Board-Up and Security Solutions

  • Temporary Power and Climate Control Solutions

  • Temporary Business Relocation Services

  • Major Loss and Commercial Property Restoration

  • Demolition and Environmental Services

  • Full-Service General Contracting and Building Restoration

Our priority is to help you return to your home or business as quickly as possible causing minimum disruption to you and your family. Ready to help, any time of day or night - our team is highly trained, experienced and ready to assist you in any fire or smoke damage situation imaginable.

Providing 24/7 Emergency Services, we are always here to support you every step of the way in cleaning and restoring your fire damaged property back to normal.​ Our restoration technicians are highly trained and well qualified to perform a variety of fire and smoke damage restoration services. We handle all furniture and personal items with extra care and take the necessary steps to protect belongings as if they were our own. Our emergency fire damage repair and reconstruction services can restore your fire and smoke damaged property back to the original condition as quickly as possible, helping make the experience less stressful.

Top 10 Causes of Fire Damage in Toronto, ON

  1. Cooking Equipment and Kitchen Fire

  2. Heating and HVAC Equipment Fire

  3. Careless Smoking

  4. Electrical Equipment and Appliances

  5. Candles

  6. Children Playing With Fire

  7. Electrical Hazards

  8. Flammable Household Products

  9. Christmas Trees and Decorations

  10. Barbecues

Smoke and Soot Cleaning After Fire Damage

During a fire, smoke is driven by heat and penetrates throughout your property. Smoke can combine with humidity and form corrosive residues. Residual smoke may burn as well, causing etching, pitting or chemical burning on surfaces. The longer your property is left without smoke and fire damage restoration, the greater the damage that may occur.

As industry leaders in fire damage restoration and smoke remediation, SELECT Restoration Services uses the most up-to-date cleaning products and remediation equipment to clean and salvage household furnishings and personal belongings. We are able to remove soot and smoke damage from plastics, wood, brass, aluminum, chrome, natural stone, tile and porcelain as well as from upholstery fabrics, clothing and carpets.

After fire damage has been discovered, our team will quickly rescue any contents and personal items that have been damaged by fire, smoke and water damage. Our goal is to start the recovery process as soon as possible. We determine the full extent of fire, smoke and soot damage and identify the impact of heat and smoke on your property’s structure, furniture and contents. We help you overcome your loss by clearly explaining the fire damage restoration process.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

  1. Emergency Cleanup and Debris Removal

  2. Temporary Security/Board Up

  3. Water Removal and Drying

  4. Itemization of Damaged Contents

  5. Contents Pack-Out

  6. Contents Cleaning (off-site)

  7. Wall and Ceiling Cleaning

  8. Deodorization

  9. Soda/Dry Ice Blasting

  10. Smoke Seal 

  11. Reconstruction

  12. Contents Delivery, Unpack and Reset

What To Do After Fire Damage

  • Wait to enter the property. Get confirmation from a building inspector or the fire department that your home is safe to re-enter.

  • After speaking to the fire department or other authorities, make us your FIRST CALL in an emergency – you will need professional help right away, so before you touch anything, contact the experts at SELECT Restoration Services.

  • If possible, open your windows to relieve positive pressure caused by heat and smoke. This will also get fresh air circulating to gradually push smoke out of the rooms.

  • Move pets and children to a smoke-free environment. Smoke can contain carcinogenic gases and toxins that can affect your health. You may need to make arrangements for temporary accommodation until the fire restoration is complete.

  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer if there is no power. Once empty, prop the door open to prevent odours from building up inside.

  • Keep an inventory of important documents and possessions you may need to replace. Take pictures of the damage to personal items and furniture. 

Safety Tips After Fire Damage

  • Only use electrical outlets, fuse panels or appliances if they have not been damaged by water or fire and if a licensed electrician says they are safe to use.

  • Do not force stuck, jammed, swollen or irregularly functioning doors.

  • Keep your distance from sagging floors or ceilings - they could collapse. A professional engineer, experienced contractor or building inspector should look at the damage immediately.

  • After you have an inventory of your damaged personal items, throw out all food and medicine that has been exposed to smoke or extreme heat.​ It is important to immediately dispose of these items so there is no confusion.

What You Should Leave to the Professionals

It is important to understand the risk to your health and safety even after the fire has been extinguished. Soot, smoke and dirty water left behind may contain odours and toxins that could affect your health. Use caution if you enter your property and if you touch any fire or smoke damaged items.  Professional fire damage restoration companies have proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and remediation equipment to safely and comfortably get the work done.

  • Don’t wipe walls, wood trim and furniture or any other soft goods or porous surfaces.

  • Don’t sit on or move upholstered furniture. Avoid walking on carpet or flooring damaged by soot.

  • Don’t consume any food product, including canned items, that were exposed to the extreme heat of the fire.

  • Don’t turn on HVAC systems like the furnace or air conditioner. Open your windows.

  • Stay away from compromised electrical devices like appliances, computers, stereos or televisions until they have been inspected by an electronics restoration professional.

Make Us Your First Call in a Fire Damage Emergency

If you require smoke or fire damage restoration services including soot cleanup, get the help you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Experience matters when you have fire damage - don't hesitate to contact the experts at SELECT Restoration Services. Call us today for a free estimate 1-833-24EMERG.




1 Hour Arrival Time. Insurance Approved.

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SELECT Restoration is a professional fire damage restoration company that specializes in emergency fire damage cleanup, smoke damage restoration, soot cleaning and smoke odour removal. We are a privately owned full-service general contracting company providing in-house construction, damage repair and environmental services.

selectv. 1 carefully choose as being the best or most suitable. 2 to choose in preference to others; pick out. 3 adj. chosen in preference to another or others; selected. 4 the best of its category or highest in quality.

When a smoke or fire damage disaster strikes, SELECT Restoration is there to provide the guidance, expertise and personalized care needed to ensure your life gets back to normal, quickly. We understand that unexpected property damage from fire, smoke or soot can be stressful. Our patient and compassionate team will work by your side providing efficient fire damage restoration services with expert guidance. SELECT Restoration technicians are certified and highly experienced in using only state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to restore property and personal contents damaged by fire, smoke and soot.

Fire Damage Restoration Near You

  • 24/7 Fire Damage Cleanup Service

  • 1 Hour Arrival Time

  • Professional Communication & Documentation

  • Advanced Restoration Equipment & Techniques

  • Fast Cleanup for Peace of Mind

Certified, Qualified and Professional

  • Fast, Friendly and Reliable Service

  • IICRC FSRT Trained and Certified Technicians

  • Patient & Compassionate Staff

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Fire Damage Insurance Claim Specialists

Whether you have experienced property damage due to fire, smoke, soot or smoke odour - we are committed to providing prompt emergency fire damage restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


SELECT Restoration is the fire damage restoration company you can trust for reliable and comprehensive smoke and fire damage restoration services. Would you know what to do after discovering unexpected damage from fire or smoke? We can help.


At SELECT Restoration, we are ready and equipped with skilled personnel, efficient processes, a highly trained workforce and management experience to handle all kinds of smoke and fire damage restoration projects. Whether the fire damage be to residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property, we will assemble the right team to respond immediately and help get things back to normal.


We have proven fire damage restoration expertise with the following property groups:

Residential Fire Damage Restoration Services​

  • Home Owners

  • Townhouse & Condominium Owners

  • Landlords and Tenants

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration Services

  • Commercial Property Owners & Tenants

  • Property Managers & Facility Managers

  • Hospitality Professionals

  • Retail Sector Professionals

  • Warehousing & Distribution

  • Municipal Buildings

  • Hospitals and Healthcare

Emergency Service for Insurance Professionals

We are proud to be recognized as a professional insurance restoration contractor throughout the insurance industry and within the communities we serve. SELECT Restoration Services proudly serves a range of insurance professionals and provides 24/7 fire damage restoration services to take care of their residential and commercial policy holders.

Count on Us for Fire Damage Claims

When you choose SELECT Restoration Services, our commitment to both the insurance company and the policy holder will prove both beneficial and time-efficient. We recognize there are two customers in this business – the insurance carrier and the policy holder. We can contribute to increased customer retention and reduced fire damage claim costs through our experience, knowledge and fire damage restoration expertise

Recommending SELECT Restoration Services to your clients could mean the difference between a cost-effective cleanup and a more expensive and time-consuming fire damage claim. By choosing SELECT Restoration Services your clients will get the assistance and peace of mind they need in only a few hours, not a few days. Our fast response time helps to lower the cost of claims by immediately beginning with cleanup and mitigation efforts to prevent secondary damages - all while providing your clients with fast, professional fire damage restoration service. 

Top Insurance Companies We Have Worked With

Recommend SELECT Restoration Services for Fire Damage Restoration

SELECT Restoration Services is the fire damage restoration company you can trust for reliable and comprehensive service. Our claims representatives are fully qualified experts in fire damage restoration smoke restoration including soot cleaning and are committed to restoring homes and businesses after an unthinkable fire damage event. We are dedicated to delivering the fire damage emergency service you need, quickly.

Our goal is to satisfy you by reorganizing the unexpected chaos which unfolds shortly after fire damage has occurred, while putting the smoke or fire damaged property back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible. A highly trained technician or estimator will immediately arrive at the damaged property after receiving the initial service request. We are committed to delivering superior customer satisfaction as your fire damage restoration service provider.

Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration in the Greater Toronto Area

Proudly serving: Aurora, Bolton, Barrie, Brampton, Burlington, Caledon, Durham, East York, Etobicoke, Georgetown, Halton, King, Markham, Milton, Mississauga, North York, Oakville, Orangeville, Peel, Pickering, Scarborough, Thornhill, Toronto, Uxbridge, Vaughan and more.

Tel: 416-236-0660

24-Hour: 1-833-24EMERG

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