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Does Insurance Cover Wind Damage?

Strong, gusty winds can cause major property damage to roofs, gutters and fences. If roof damage is not repaired immediately, rainwater will make its way into your home causing additional damage. The good news is most home insurance policies include coverage for damage caused by windstorms and resulting interior water damage.

At SELECT Restoration Services we can guide you through the steps of filing an insurance claim for wind damage if you notice your property has sustained wind damage, or if you begin to notice water damage inside your home and suspect it is coming from your roof after a wind storm.

What to Do After Discovering Roof Damage from Wind

If part of your roof is damaged by wind, your insurance company will first request that we attempt a "spot repair" to the damaged section rather than replace your whole roof. We will first try to find matching shingles and replace the area of shingles that have been lost or damaged. If we can't find a shingle that matches to your satisfaction, then we will speak with your insurance company about their approval to replace the damaged slope of your roof. Depending on the terms outlined in your insurance policy, and the extent of the wind damage, your insurer may replace your entire roof and gutter system if they agree that is reasonable.

Interior Water Damage Resulting From Rain After a Roof Damage

It is important to act quickly when you have roof damage from a wind storm. Even if the damage appears to be minor, it only takes a few missing or damaged shingles to let rainwater trickle into your attic and through your ceiling - causing additional water damage.

Make Us Your First Call for Emergency Wind Damage Repair in Toronto

Before contacting your insurance company about your property damage from wind (to your roof, gutters, fence, deck or landscaping) we are prepared to assist you in providing some important details to help make sure your claim goes as smoothly as possible. We will take pictures of all damage to help your insurance company understand the extent of property damage before discussing reasonable expectations for cost-effective replacement and repairs.

Unexpected property damage from a wind storm can be a scary thing to deal with. Get the fast emergency service you need and the peace of mind you deserve. Call SELECT Restoration Services if you require emergency tree removal, fence repair, gutter repair, roof repair, interior water damage restoration or emergency roof tarp service.

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