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How to Prepare for Heavy Rains and Basement Flooding in Toronto

What to Do After Basement Flooding

  • Wait to enter the your basement. If there is standing water, make sure that your basement is safe to re-enter and there are no electrical hazards. You may also have sewage damage in your basement resulting from sewer backup. It is important to understand the risks to your health and safety following basement flood damage. Overland flood water, sewage water, damaged power lines and other damaged utilities are a few of the hazards you could be facing after an extreme weather event. First responders and water damage restoration companies have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and expertise to safely enter a damaged property. If the damage is minor, here are some tips on how to clean up water damage.

  • Make us your FIRST CALL for basement flood cleanup in Toronto – you will need professional help right away, so before you try anything, contact the Toronto basement flood cleanup team at SELECT Restoration Services.

  • Review your insurance policy and take note of what conditions are required of you following a basement flood. For example, some insurance companies may not provide coverage for seepage or overland flooding. We can guide you through the steps of contacting your insurance company and explaining the details of your Toronto basement flood emergency to confirm coverage.


  • Keep an inventory of important papers and personal items you may need to recover or replace. Take pictures of any water damage to the exterior of the property, as well as personal items and furniture when the flooded basement is safe to access. 

  • Flood damage or Toronto sewage damage can be extremely detrimental to the health and safety of your home and your family - so it is crucial to begin water cleanup as soon as possible. If you need emergency flood cleanup in Toronto, repair and insurance restoration services after being affected by flood damage, contact SELECT Restoration Services today at 1-833-24EMERG (243-6374).


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