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4 Signs of a Toronto Sewer Backup

Heavy rainfall and extreme weather events can lead to local flooding and disaster that could overwhelm municipal sewer and water main systems leading to sewer backups and basement flooding. Summer is approaching, and high humidity resulting in heavy rain storms and flooding can regularly cause sewer backups in the Greater Toronto Area.


Signs of a Sewer Backup

But how can you tell whether or not your sewer is backed up? Four clear signs of this problem are:

1. A strong odour coming from basement drains.

2. Flood water or sewage found in basement. Check to see if your carpet or flooring is wet near your floor drains.

3. If the use of other plumbing fixtures associated with your sewer backup lead to sudden water damage in places such as toilets, sinks or showers.

4. Is there heavy rain in your neighborhood? Look closely at catch basins in your area to see how much rainwater is draining.

What to do If you have Sewer Backup

If sewage or flood water begins to backup in your basement, the water damage can lead to significant property damage to building materials and personal items. Please remember water and sewage from a sewer backup contain dangerous pathogens and bacteria that must be professionally cleaned and remediated. If you are experiencing a sewer backup of basement flooding at your property, call SELECT Restoration Services for 24/7 water damage restoration service in Toronto.

Need Sewer Backup Cleanup in Toronto?

If you are dealing with unexpected sewer backup call the Toronto water damage restoration experts you can trust. Ready to help, any time of day or night - our team is highly trained, experienced and ready to assist you in any water damage situation imaginable. Make us your FIRST CALL following a sewer backup or basement flood cleanup emergency.

24-Hour: 1-833-24EMERG


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