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Melting Snow Can Lead to Basement Flooding

If you’re a Toronto area homeowner with a basement on your property, you know how important it is to prevent water damage from flooding. Nothing can be more devastating than inches or feet of water covering your basement floor and threatening the structural integrity of your home or property, and emergency water removal isn’t something you can take care of yourself. Don't put yourself at risk of mold problems and know when to call a professional restoration company in Toronto for help with water in your basement.

Fire damage restoration in Toronto, ON from balcony fire.
Melting Snow Can Cause Basement Flooding in Toronto, ON

How Does Melting Snow Cause Basement Flooding?

When there are significant amounts of packed snow and ice on the ground around your home or nearby, warmer temperatures cause the ice and snow to melt and move, leading to flooding in Toronto area neighborhoods, streets, parks and rivers of water.

Snow and ice buildup in yards, on rooftops, in ice dams and elsewhere around houses can lead to quick movement of running water when temperatures thaw. While buildings near rivers or creeks can be at particular risk for flood damage, any home or business faces potential flooding from increased water buildup and runoff.

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Wet Carpet in Flooded Basement from Seepage

How to Prevent Basement Flooding From Snowmelt

Snowmelt flooding can be dangerous anywhere, from roads to rivers to residential areas, but the most common resulting water damage to homes and businesses typically occurs in the basements. While you can’t stop snowmelt from happening, you can try to keep it away from the foundation of your property. Here’s how:

  • Clear an area of 5 feet or more around your building’s foundation: Keeping this number in mind when you are shoveling or snow-blowing. Keeping the snow from stacking up where it can seep through foundation walls in gives you a better chance of avoiding basement flooding.

  • Test your sump pump regularly: Ensure it’s working properly to prevent water damage in your basement.

  • Keep an eye out for cracks in the walls and corners of your foundation: Inspect your foundation regularly and be sure to fix any cracks. Even though water can still seep through porous concrete, sealing sizeable cracks will help prevent seepage.

  • Clear snow off the roof, ice dams and overhangs: These areas collect heavy amounts of snow and ice that melt and run off right above your foundation. Melting snow and ice can also leak through your roof, so if it is safe, clear your roof of ice and snow to prevent ice dams.

  • Make sure downspouts drain 4-6 feet away from your home: This will help prevent water from seeping in below.

Please refer to the City of Toronto website regarding steps to protect yourself from basement flooding.

Water Damage Cleanup from Basement Flooding Caused by Seepage Through Foundation Wall

Types of Water Damage to Look For in Your Toronto Basement

If you’re already experiencing seepage from thawing, don’t ignore the issues or push off cleanup and restoration when the flood damage could lead to further problems. Make sure to look out for these common kinds of water damage in your basement:

  • Structural damage: Wet walls can weaken, crack, crumble and collapse. Wet drywall and insulation can become a breeding ground for mold in your basement. Look for large cracks and moisture damage around the baseboards to detect signs of water damage before it becomes dangerous.

  • Mold growth: Water damage can lead to mold growth, especially in dark, damp and humid areas (like basements). Try to catch mold spots within 48 hours of flooding and contact a restoration company in Toronto for professional mold remediation services.

Tips for Dealing With Basement Flooding Due to Snowmelt

When snowmelt flooding occurs in your basement, be sure to follow these tips:

  • Never ever ignore what appears to be a small water damage.

  • To protect your health, address any mold issues right away, or call for help.

  • Contact a professional restoration company in the Toronto area to clean and dry the area as soon as possible.

Important Safety Tips

Flood water from snowmelt can be contaminated and dangerous, so when you can’t prevent it, make sure you stay safe. If your business or home is damaged by basement flooding call a local cleanup and restoration contractor to help you repair the water damage.

SELECT Restoration Services is the restoration company in Toronto you can trust for reliable, comprehensive basement flood cleanup services. Would you know what to do after discovering water in your basement? We can help. If you need fast water cleanup and restoration services in the Greater Toronto Area, including sewage cleanup, sanitization and dehumidification services, make us your FIRST CALL in an emergency.


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Please contact SELECT Restoration if you have questions about seepage, waterproofing or if you need an emergency water damage restoration in Toronto, including burst pipe cleanup and restoration and specialized sewer backup cleaning. We can help you to repair damage caused by basement flooding.

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