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Soda Blasting for Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

Media blasting (also known as dry ice or soda blasting) is an effective cleaning solution for both residential and commercial fire and smoke damage restoration projects. Not only does media remove the visible soot damage, but it can help to deodorize smoke odor that can linger long after a fire has been extinguished.

Fire damage restoration in Toronto, ON from balcony fire.
Soda Blasting to Clean Smoke Damage from Foundation Wall in Toronto, ON

What Types of Media Blasting Are Used in Fire Damage Restoration?

Two types of media blasting commonly used in fire damage restoration are dry ice blasting and soda blasting. The dry ice blasting process uses pellets made through the process of taking liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and expanding it to produce a snow like substance that is compressed to make hard dry ice pellets. When dry ice blasting is used, dry ice pellets sublimate once they’ve hit the surface to be cleaned (meaning they transition directly from a solid blast pellet to a vapour) leaving a clean, dry surface with no residue. Although soda blasting is similar to other methods (e.g. sandblasting), it is considered “soft media” blasting, meaning it’s a low impact alternative making it ideal for delicate surfaces.

SELECT Restoration is a 24-hour water damage cleanup and restoration company serving the Greater Toronto Area.
Clean Foundation Wall After Soda Blasting to Remove Smoke Damage

Call the #1 Fire Damage Restoration Company Serving the Greater Toronto Area

Media blasting is a non-destructive cleaning method with low abrasion that quickly removes ash and soot from wood, stone and other building materials without harming the underlying surfaces. Media blasting can also be used for graffiti removal, mold removal and heritage building restoration.

SELECT Restoration Services is the restoration company in Toronto you can trust for reliable, comprehensive fire and smoke damage repair services. Would you know what to do after a house fire? We can help. If you need fast fire damage cleanup and restoration services in the Greater Toronto Area, including soot cleaning and deodorization services, make us your FIRST CALL in an emergency.


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Please contact SELECT Restoration if you have questions about media blasting or need an emergency fire damage restoration company in Toronto, including smoke damage restoration and specialized soot cleaning. We can help you to repair damager after a house fire.

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