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How Does Layflat Ducting Work

Layflat ducting is used to extend the reach of drying, dehumidification and ventilation. It is ideal for use on water damage restoration projects with air scrubbers, negative air machines, air movers and and dehumidifiers.

Layflat Ducting for Water Damage Drying and Dehumidification

Layflat ducting is economical and efficient choice for temporary distribution of clean, dry air. The product is a versatile, lightweight, disposable tubing that can be used in both drying, dehumidification, negative air machine exhaust and air conditioning applications.

On commercial restoration projects, layflat ducting is ideal for air distribution or air movement in many applications, such as transferring large volumes of dry air to confined areas, or removing wet air from an affected area, or filtering the air through a HEPA negative air machine and exhausting out of the building.

Water Damage Ceiling Drying With Layflat Ducting

How to Dry a Water Damaged Ceiling

Water damaged ceilings can be dried with layflat ducting. Layflat ducting expands when inflated by the dehumidifier and is ideal for targeted water damage drying applications. In the above FLIR thermal camera photo, you can see hot, dry air is being moved directly into the kitchen ceiling space.

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