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Before and After Emergency Water Removal in Toronto, ON

🎶 When it hits the fan, we send a van! 🎶⁣

Check out these before and after photos of our emergency water removal service at a downtown Toronto loading dock flooded from heavy rain.

In this case, a submersible pump was used for approximately 24-hours to remove most of the storm water. Portable extraction units and flood squeegees were used to cleanup any remaining water and puddles. After the storm water was removed, we pressure washed, sanitized and treated the area with a plant-based antimicrobial agent.

Underground parking garages and loading areas are often the lowest point in a building and can flood quickly if the drainage system has become blocked or cannot keep up with the volume of storm water. Overwhelmed sewer pipes and storm water systems can happen during extreme rain, and if the sewers fill beyond capacity, the storm water will travel backward in the sewer pipe and can backup through the drainage system.

As a 24/7 emergency water removal service in the Greater Toronto Area, we can quickly pump-out flood water with submersible pumps, portable water extraction units and truck-mount flood extractors used for fast and efficient water removal. We can also provide deep cleaning, sanitization and water damage repair services, including painting, commercial coatings and repairs to damaged concrete or asphalt.

Call the Emergency Water Damager Restoration Experts in Toronto, ON

If you need emergency flood water cleanup in the Greater Toronto Area, contact the water damage experts at SELECT Restoration Services.⁣ Remember that catastrophic flooding carries the obvious risk of drowning, but even smaller home floods can result in dangerous electrical hazards and contamination risks. Make us your FIRST CALL for flood damage emergency in the Greater Toronto Area.

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