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How Temporary Shoring is Used in Fire Damage Restoration

What is Temporary Shoring?

As the name indicates, temporary shoring is a temporary solution to shore up or secure the fire damaged structure until you can come up with a permanent solution. It’s typically used to support fire damaed framing (joists, studs and posts) of buildings. It’s important to understand that temporary shoring is intended to serve as a temporary fix and not a permanent one

How is Temporary Shoring Designed to Stabalize a Structure Damaged by Fire

Throughout Canada, requirements have been established for structural assessments to ensure safe entry to a building following a fire in order to investigate the cause, document and quantify the loss, develop repair plans and retrieve contents. In some circumstances, a structural engineer’s assessment and recommendations are necessary before the fire investigation can even proceed. The timing of these assessments is crucial to allow the fire damage restoration and recovery to be conducted as soon as possible after the incident.

Following a fire to a structure, numerous steps need to be taken before a building can be repaired and eventually reoccupied. First and foremost, safety must be considered.

If structural members are significantly affected by the fire, a preliminary safety assessment should be done by a structural engineer. This should include an assessment of the building, a review of all damaged structural elements and recommendations to make the building safe to enter. These recommendations can include temporary shoring, partial demolition, or snow removal from the roof. In many cases, an engineer can assist in establishing measures to allow for safe entry. In extreme cases, an engineer may determine that safe entry cannot be accommodated and the structure must be demolished.

When is Temporary Shoring Needed After Fire Damage?

Temporary shoring is typically used in emergency situations where a fire damaged structrure requires immediate support. In many instances, this is because ceiling joists, walls, load bearing posts or other structueal elements have been damaged by fire.

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