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Here's what the weather forecast looks like for the rest of the summer in Toronto.

The summer weather forecast for Toronto might be essential info since we're in the middle of a weeks-long heat wave, with many of us probably wondering when it will end. 

Meteorologists at The Weather Network have compiled years of weather data to give us a sense of what to expect this summer, but please note this data is drawn from averages and can differ greatly from forecast predictions. The Old Farmer's Almanac says the same thing, with heavy rainfall and potential localized flooding predicted from mid-July to the middle of August.


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The good news is that this exceptional heat wave should end in a couple of days, with Toronto's heat warning ending this Sunday. But according to The Weather Network (TWN) it will be back. 

More heatwaves are expected this summer as temperatures rise above normal in the Greater Toronto Area. According to meteorologists, all of Ontario will see an abundance of warm weather for the next few months. 

July and August will see extended periods of hot, sunny, and dry weather take over Toronto. It won't be another intolerable heat-wave, says TWN, thanks to some moments of cool relief. 

Thunderstorms and Localized Flooding in Toronto

As for storms, it's a toss-up between southern Ontario seeing a dry summer or a wet one, depending on active storm track shifts in parts of Southern Ontario, particularly in the Great Lakes region. Periods of cooler weather will break up the heat at times, and thunderstorms will help to deliver heavy rain, which could be locally excessive and result in flooding.

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